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King of small house removals, a Luton van provides superb flexibility for bulky items such as furniture and large boxes or crates.

Although they don't always offer quite as much length as an extra-long wheel base van, they offer greater width and huge amounts of height.

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Typical Specifications
Load Space Dimensions 4m L x 2m W x 2.2m H
Payload 1600-1800
Fuel consumption (mpg) 20-30mpg

Unlike panel vans, the entire load compartment is usually above the rear wheels, so the rear wheel arches don't interfere with your load space. A Luton will have slightly poorer fuel economy and be more awkward to park, but there is no better van for fitting in everything including the kitchen sink.

Remember: Luton vans are quite high off the ground - if you are planning on carrying anything heavy, you may want a tail lift to enable you to lift and lower things from the load compartment to the ground.

Make sure you ask for a tail lift when booking a Luton, as not all have them.


Luton vans offer the largest possible load space on a 3.5t vehicle. With up to 20m3 of space fairly typical, they are extremely flexible and for that reason are extremely widely used for small household removals, house clearances and furniture transport and other such applications.

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Their totally flat floor and sides is another advantage, as is the ability to have a tail lift fitted and carry items over 2m in height. Payloads are usually in the region of 1700kg.

If you're hiring and driving a Luton for the first time, remember that they are a little wider than a panel van - and that the body of the Luton sticks out further than the side of the cab.

Make sure the mirrors are adjusted properly when manoeuvring and you should have no problems.

Remember to take it easy on the corners too - they are higher and less stable than cars and smaller vans when heavily loaded.

The Luton name is a result of the first ever vans with this kind of body being designed and built at the old Bedford plant in the town of Luton. The name has stuck and today Luton bodies are built and fitted to the chassis of most models of vans:

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  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Renault Master
  • Fiat Ducato
  • Citroen Relay

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